Thursday, December 01, 2005


Hou, The Students' Notebook

Education nutures the young for the society in future. Its issues today, are society's issues tomorrow. It is hence not surprising, that one can rather passionate when it comes to discussion about education, and debates rage in the mainstream media from time to time.

A warm welcome to the Students' Notebook. From the cartoonists from the The Students' Sketchpad, we will report, highlight and comment on some of these issues. We have also invited some undergraduate associates to contribute in this journal as well. From questions to research to articles, our aim is to provide a friendly and civil environment where diverse perspectives are shared.

Contributions are individual submissions - this mean that they may not represent the views of all the contributers as a whole. Some of the topics may be controversial in nature, but topics that are declared 'illegal' by the state (everyone knows by now what are they) will not be covered.

We invite all readers to give their own perspective. Comments are currently unmoderated, and restricted to registered Blogger users (if you don't have one, sign up for an account here, complete Step 1 of the process only, and then come back here). This policy may change depending on situation.

This project is currently started on a trial basis. We hope to interest readers in what we write, as much as we have done so in our drawings, and that you will enjoy your stay here.

En & Hou
The Students' Notebook

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